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Your advertising and marketing spend is accelerated by leading-edge vendors whose data-driven methodology yields ROI-oriented, targeted solutions that expand your customer lifecycle communications. When you use this solution (based on program rules) you can access your Bonus Funds at a 1:1 reimbursement rate and rollover to PAP.

Program FAQ

What is the Third Party Lead Program?

Websites are without doubt the most important element of the internet. The term is often used inconsistently, so to make it clear once and for all, this article answers the question: what is a website? The central page of a website is called a home page.

Why enroll in the Third Party Lead Program?

If you are a dealer looking for additional new vehicle leads to drive more sales and showroom traffic, then the Third Party Lead Program is a great option for you. Stellantis Digital uses economies of scale to deliver leads for less cost than what an individual dealer can typically receive from similar sources on their own.

How do I enroll in the Third Party Lead Program?

To enroll in the program please follow the enroll link available on each provider‘s page on this website. For questions or assistance please reach out to the VIP Support team at 888-511-8902 or

What is the cost of the Third Party Lead Program?

The leads are $18 each, and some states require a subscription price vs individual price. Edmunds Third Party Program has customized pricing.

Can I receive a credit for a bad lead?

Yes, if you feel you have received a lead that could not be contacted due to bad phone and email please reach out to the VIP Support team at 888-511-8902 or

Can I cancel out of the Third Party lead program?

Yes, you can discontinue the program at any time. To stop receiving Third Party leads please reach out to our VIP Support team at or 888-511-8902.

How will leads be delivered?

All Stellantis leads will be delivered direct post via xml format to a dealer‘s CRM.

Can I use any CRM?

You must use an Stellantis Digital certified CRM to receive leads from Stellantis. There are over 30 CRMs that are certified including eLeads, Dealer Socket, VinSolutions, CDK, Reynolds and many more. To verify if your CRM is certified please call the VIP Support team at 888-511-8902 or

How will I know where leads come from?

Leads from the Third Party program will be identified as Chrysler Digital Third party Website, Brand, and Event leads will be identified as such.

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